A state-of-the-art remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) training system.

Designed to provide UAV/UAS pilots with real, hands-on training from the convenience of a broadband internet connection, LongShot™ is a USI patented network technology specifically designed to minimize network latency during the remote operation of Sandstorm as well as other systems and applications.

The system provides a real world training platform capable of emulating various flight controls; allowing for proficiency training at 1/10th the cost of the same training on operational RPAs.


USI Sandstorm/LongShot™ training programs are designed to improve pilot skills and confidence during takeoff, landing and emergency procedures; reducing pilot error and related incidents, as well as repair and replacement costs of operational aircraft.

Lower training costs and risk

USI Sandstorm/LongShot™ dramatically reduces the cost of UAS/UAV training. Savings are significant enough to increase training throughput and simultaneously reduce training cost per head. USI Sandstorm/LongShot™ trained pilots benefit across the board from the readily accessible training with far less dependency on operational aircraft.

Expands operational capability of existing assets

Sandstorm/Longshot™ accommodates training demand, thereby significantly increasing availability of operational assets. Mission capable aircraft are more accessible for operations, while simulators can be utilized more efficiently for mission training.

A clear path to opportunity

Sandstorm/LongShot™ offers a quality introduction to UAS/RPA training for commercial, military and academic applications. And USI’s multiple airfield locations ensure rapid and persistent training opportunities.

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